Watch Me Sleep : lyrics
Empty Glass : lyrics
Talkin’ Platy : lyrics
Gotta Get Me Some : lyrics
Jitters & Creeps : lyrics
Tell Me I’ve Won : lyrics
Evolution : lyrics
Skyhook : lyrics
Deep Blue : lyrics
Nothing I Can Do : lyrics
Dreamtime : lyrics


Jill Sobule (vocals, guitar, drums, piano, keys, banjo, sounds) • Elise Thoron (lyrics) • Dave Way (bass, guitar, drums, wine glass, producer) • Steve Gaboury (piano, keys) • James Mastro (guitar, producer) • Lyle Workman (guitar) • Felix Bloxom (drums, bass) • Dave Carpenter (bass) • Bryan Head (drums)

Produced by Dave Way • Additional production James Mastro • Executive Producer Michael Robin • Recorded at Waystation, LA and Stratosphere Sound, NY • Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering, LA


Elise wrote the lyrics first, Jill got the musical inspiration, and then they worked the song out together in various locations in LA and NYC. A couple of the songs they wrote the words together, while consulting an online rhyming dictionary.

In the world of the play, the songs are written and performed by the main character Prozak, who is seventeen, playing gigs with her garage band the SSRIs. Our record producer, Dave Way, went for this quality in the mixes as he recorded Jill and her highly accomplished, mature (well, in a manner of speaking), musicians.

When we do the show in a theater Jill never gets to sing the songs; the actress playing Prozak does. Jill sometimes sings the character Blue in performance, but basically she’s too nice for the role... So we got the idea of making a record where Jill could sing the songs she wrote for the show, because she thinks she sings them better than anybody... except the Platypus, who makes a cameo appearance.

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