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In the beginning when the world was young
The song of life had not been sung
A platypus resting in a stream
Began to dream
He saw the river, rocks, and the sky
He saw the sun began to cry:
“I AM – I AM!”

He swam down rivers flowing free
He wandered marshes by the sea
He crossed a desert parched and dry
He found a path began to cry:
“I AM – I AM!”

He dug down deep into the mud
He floated on the full moon's flood
He dreamed of life in everything
He dreamed the animals could sing:
“I AM – I AM!”

Leaving tracks across the land
Leaving stories in the sand
Leaving songs in every tree
All the places he could be
Dream in hollow, dream in dale
Dream until the night is pale
Light rising in the eastern sky
Dream and you will never die

“I AM – I AM!”


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