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Once I was a bird
I used to fly
Had wings in my back
To hold me in the sky
Flew to the sun
And learned to die
I used to fly

Once I was a fish
I used to swim
Cut through waves
With my dorsal fin
Dove too deep
On a silly whim
I used to swim

Then I was a beast
I used to crawl
Close to the ground
So I wouldn't fall
Catching grubs
'Til I ate them all
I used to crawl

Now I'm a drug
That knows no wrong
Now I'm the lyric
To an angry song
Now I'm a girl with
A scalp that bleeds
Only my fingers
Know what she needs

Now I'm a girl
I used to fly
Now I'm a girl
I used to swim
Now I'm a girl
I used to crawl
Now I'm a girl


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