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Empty Glass

All alone in my head
Empty glass by the bed
All the tears turned to stone
And I feel so alone
Empty glass by the bed
You are cold, you are dead
And the room's shrinking small
Where'd you go when you went?
When your heartbeats were spent
And you fuckin' lied
Yes, you fuckin' lied
Never told me you died
All alone in my head
Empty glass...

And a glass gotta smash
Gotta break, gotta slash
Gotta gouge, gotta slice
Cut through everything twice
Cut through me, cut through you
Cut the skin where it's blue
And the tears gotta flow
Gotta be
Empty glass...

Empty glass, empty mug, empty cup, empty bowl
Empty shelf, empty room, just a big empty hole
Empty hands, empty head
And still by the bed
Still by the bed
Empty glass...


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