Bring Prozak & the Platypus to a town near you! Welcome to the P & P do it your self stage kit:

SCRIPT An updated script is in the works... Check back soon!

ACTORS 3F, 2M Prozak sings and plays guitar; Blue sings, has powerful voice, does not need to be actor; Platypus sings... but he’s a platypus; two scientists, Arvin and Susan, do not sing.

SPACE Does not need a conventional theater space, in fact, bars, cabarets, warehouses, garages, and theaters, all good.

DESIGN Needs only minimal elements to evoke the two locations: music club and laboratory. A real tank for the platypus not necessary, you can leave a lot to the actors, music, and audience’s imagination.

MUSIC at simplest can be done acoustic: Prozak playing guitar, with one other guitarist, even better if the two can move between acoustic/ electric. But it rocks with a band: guitar, bass, drums. Keyboards sound good too. Cowbells. Chopsticks, Celeste… The character Blue has on going vocal under many of the scenes. Contact us for more complete music CD and charts. And be sure to check out Jill's latest instructional video on how to play Empty Glass on guitar!

PRODUCING Organizing the shows, audience, publicity, coordinating technical elements. If you want producing lowdown contact and rights questions contact us.

PUT YOUR PLATY ON THE WEB! Click below, and we'll tell you how to submit video sections of your show. Eventually we’ll compile a DVD of the whole play!

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