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You wake in the morning, shake sleep out of your eyes over a cup of coffee. Any dreams? Most often you’ve forgotten to remember. You wake up thinking about deadlines, late to work, and there’s no one to remind you: “Any dreams?” We all have them. Every night...

It’s a mystery why we dream, like sleep, no ones really knows the full reason. We dream to consolidate memory, we dream to forget, it doesn’t matter why we dream, dreams are manifestations of our unconscious, dreams are fragments of the world consciousness, many theories... and yet our dreams are so intimate, haunting in their emotional accuracy.

I have a friend who listens to dreams. He quietly listens to my own voice telling the dream, until I can start hearing it too. Sometimes he asks a question, or asks me to describe something further. It’s so simple. But by the end of the cup of coffee, the dream is present, in the room in all its depth. Something I nearly tossed away like a pair of grungy socks becomes full of import and connection to my life. Can I live my life this way?

Perhaps, our dreams give us a taste of our origins: who we are free to fly, walk through walls, live outside our bodies and the confines of our self, inhabiting many places, times and people simultaneously. Perhaps, this is what excites the scientists in the play, Arvin and Susan, when they discover the platypus’ REM sleep resembles that of a human infant’s sleep. There is something very ancient in dreams, prehistoric, as necessary as the platypus or a dinosaur to our evolution, for us as individuals and as a species to become who we are. Any dreams?

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