From a Chicago hood-rat to a Brooklyn recluse, there have been good times and embarrassing times in KellyAnne Hanrahan's life. In the grand scheme of things, considering the Big Bang to planetary formation, the cooling of this planet into multi-cellular organism-friendly atmosphere, the growth of plants on the mantle, primal slime evolving into sea creatures, those sea creatures adapting to land, the land creatures spreading all across the surface of the planet, the megafauna populations roaming the earth and the evolution of land-manipulating humans... this biography seems silly, almost meaningless. Just a tiny dot in time represented by a human who draws to pass the time here until she dies, like we all will.

KellyAnne Hanrahan is an artist living in Brooklyn, and is responsible for the Prozak & the Platypus comic book, packaging and website art. You can see more work at her website: or



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